The Health Benefits of Designing with Fuse Beads

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After a long grind, the monotony of a clock-in and clock-out day can be incredibly draining. If you’re anything like myself, then you crave creativity and novelty despite maybe not being the most creative person around. Designing with fuse beads is a great hobby to pick up if you fit this description. You don’t need to be an artist of any caliber to make cool designs come to life. Although fuse beads haven’t been subject to any notable medical studies yet, it’s clear that spending some time beading with Perler beads or Artkal beads can go a long way in stirring up your creative juices.

Concentrate and Stimulate Your Mind

Many of us are inundated with so many chores each day, that each day becomes a mushy grind rather than an exciting adventure each day. As human beings, we are neophiles (cravers of novelty) whether we like it or not. By not constantly being exposed to fun and creative things, then each day is boring at best and dreary at worst.

Making artwork with fuse beads is easy and difficult at the same time. What?

You see, pretty much anyone can pick up a bead and place it on a pegboard. It’s also not that much harder to match the pattern of what you’re designing to a guide or bead map. What is hard, is staying focused and completing the process 100% from the first bead to ironing a finished design. The first bead is never hard, but by your hundredth or thousandth bead, where would your mind be? Would you still be as focused and energetic as your first bead? The fine motor skills you require plus the mental fortitude to complete your designs are a wonderfully fun and challenging way to stimulate your mind.

Reach a Flow-State

What does happen at the thousandth bead? There’s an interesting phenomenon that occurs across many different activities. Known as a “flow-state,” beaders can reach a very pleasant kind of “high” that isn’t induced by drugs.

It’s the kind of high that distance runners or computer coders experience after being focused for an extended period of time. The perception of time gets lost, and stress levels decrease. You start losing awareness of yourself and become entirely immersed into what you are doing, working towards achieving a task with every ounce of your being.

Sounds pretty sick, huh?

Beading can induce this state of flow since it requires long periods of concentration. In the business world (heck, in any field of work, really), there is such a thing called momentum. When you build momentum, problems and roadblocks get blown out of the way with the cascading energy of a snowball rolling down a snowy mountain. When you reach flow-state with beads, you build so much momentum that even thousands of beads will become peanuts to you, and you’ll end up amazed with what you are capable of doing.

Beading as a FUN Social Thing

Beading by yourself is plenty of fun. Trust me; there’s something especially pleasant making designs early in the morning or late at night when everything’s quiet. Inversely there is also something special making designs with friends. “Play” is something that is far too often associated with children, but a healthy person of any age engages by playing often. And yes, as cheesy as it sounds, it is FUN to play beads with friends.

Absorb that cheesiness for a moment. Done? Ok.

Doing something fun for the sake of doing something fun with other people who are also doing fun things for the sake of having fun is GOOD. A hilarious and insightful TED talk by Tim Brown talks about the decline of play in adults. He explains how play, throughout all stages of life, is important for fostering relationships and creativity.

Play with beads, make things with friends, and share them with each other! Fused beads make a wonderful gift for friends, and are innocently impressive to share online!

Managing Stress

Stress isn’t always a bad thing. It’s the body’s natural reaction in the preparation of tackling challenges and obstacles. However, stress becomes problematic when it’s chronic and long-lasting.

When you are suffering from an unhealthy amount of stress, it’s important to deescalate yourself and bring your locus of control in check. Doing projects with fuse beads are just challenging enough to keep your mind engaged and stimulating, but not something that should ever add more stress to your life.

It’s important to visually demonstrate to yourself your own capacity to take control of your life. Although playing with beads isn’t going to help you hit your deadlines or finish your projects directly, it will help you enter a healthy state of mind to be productive. A vicious cycle can occur when a person is stressed and can’t exit the negative loop.

At the end of the day, fuse beads are a fun activity, and it helps people relax. Beads are especially good for soothing your mental state compared to other activities because it’s just challenging enough to make you focus and stay on task while being accessible enough that anyone can enjoy making things with them. Besides, you can get that sense of pride and accomplishment each time you look at your desk or fridge and see that beautiful creation you made with love and effort. And we all need little wins and reminders now and then!

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